Join us at the table. Set the Tables is a platform to inspire the hospitality community, in ways that can bring opportunities, partnerships, profitability and creativity for all of us! 

Discovering that there is a gap to do something that appealed to the aspiring sous chefs with the ambition of opening on their own or bartenders who want to create a cost-effective but exciting menu (and everything in between), we set to plot out the essentials, as much in the way of service as possible to the industry.

Our audience is passionate, obsessive with their craft and determined dreamers who want to make a name for themselves. Set the Tables should inspire and educate those within the industry as much as readers who have dreams to launch a food business, even the merely curious about the vast irresistible universe of food and drinks.

Our industry is in a constant state of transition. We’re all here, in part, because we’re excited by that change. The overarching goal of all of our content is to give high, actionable, relatable content for our audience, who will then take this knowledge to apply it to their business-building efforts — insider knowledge by the industry, for the industry.

Let’s challenge ourselves to uphold high standards, and leave things better than how we found them.

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